MagicalPhantom Public Available Since WC2012 On Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

MPhantom Version Infor

Current software version is Release 1.0 and distributed by Zou Lian.
The Author's Development Enviroment is python(x,y)

How to Install MPhantom

Mphantom is programmed by python language,and based on python(x,y).

1. Please down load the python(x,y) on , and install it. If your hard disk is large enough, we recommend you install the all standard plugins of python(x,y) avoiding the dependent modules missing error.

  • Please install the ETS Plugin
  • Please install the VTK Plugin
  • Please install the Pydicom Plugin
  • Please install the PyQt,wxPython Plugin
  • Please install the SciPy Plugin
  • Please install the numpy Plugin

2. Extracting The Magical Phantom release 1.0 to your path.
3. Click the Run.pyc to start up the software.

MPhantom User Guide

Virtual Phantoms' Gallery

Quasar phantom
CIRS002LFC phantom
Lung phantom01
Head and Neck

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Magical Phantom release 1.0.

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