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A novel software for virtual phantom configuration named “MPhantom (Magical Phantom)”, which full fit the requirements mainly from research purposes.

MPhantom adapts object-orientation programming method, and has two main function modules:

1. 3D visual builder has functions as follows:
  • Adding in elements to the builder’s database, and setting the properties of element including geometry, material, visualization property, scan priority and so on;
  • Tuning the exist elements by adjusting the orientation in 3D scene, and doing the rigid and deformation transform on the elements’ geometry as one’s will;
  • Tools for different solid angle viewing, and saving the selected view as common format images.

2. Virtual CT scanner has functions as follows:
  • Establishing virtual CT scanner Model by utilizing the clinic site’s CT scanner’s electronic density – HU curve file;
  • GUI for setting up CT scanning parameters: image resolution, dicom image export directory, image file prefix and so on.
  • Scanning the 3D virtual phantom to virtual CT image set as dicom 3.0 format. If the elements have overlap, the virtual scanner solves this problem by element’s priority tag. The corresponding overlap part’s image value is determined by the highest priority element.

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Learn how to use this software please refer the user guide Magical Phantom User Mannual

You can download MPhantom User guide from here:MPhantom中文使用简介